Alt.chi 2013 invites the submission of bold, compelling, critical, and innovative works that challenge or re-imagine human computer interaction research and design. We are methodologically inclusive and accept reports, analyses, designs, and systematic inquiries - whether quantitative, qualitative, or both. Especially encouraged are works that speak to the conference theme of "changing perspectives" through explorations of areas currently outside the center of the field. alt.chi 2013 is an opportunity to re-shape the conversation by introducing a vibrant intellectual community to a new way of doing work. We invite you to change the game.

All papers are submitted, reviewed, and discussed in a non-anonymous forum to allow for discussion, constructive criticism and rich interaction between authors, reviewers and commentators. After the reviewing period is complete, a jury of experts will also evaluate the work, based on:

  • How compelling it would be to an open-minded CHI audience.
  • How well it embodies alt.chi's values of creativity, criticality, reflection, and originality.
  • The nature of the discussions that the submission produced.
  • How well the submission balances quality, appropriateness, and ability to stimulate discussion

To read submissions and discussions, click here.

To review or discuss papers, please login on your left or register first. We have not carried over user accounts from last year; even if you participated then, you'll need to re-register here.

We look forward to your contributions!