Animal Jam Is A Perfect Balance Between Entertainment And Education

Most of the virtual games deal with excitement and entertainment only. Some war games and others are full of blood and guts, but I found Animal Jam to be different from all others. It not only provided excitement but along with it imparted some knowledge about animals and nature as well. After playing the game, I found that kids can learn a lot about animals and the wonders of nature ostensibly. The facts and information notices were very intriguing, and I found there are many things I did not know, which surprised me a lot.

I found Animal Jam to be very safe for kids to play and be engaged with. Not only for the excitement and information, but I also found chatting is very safe and secure. All words and phrases are filtered and moderated through the inbuilt features of the game. Launched in 2010 as a brainchild of National Geographic, the safety features for kids and the educational contents are the primary reasons for its popularity and meteoric rise. It is very easy to download and play wherein all I had to do is to create a free online account to enter into the exciting world of anthropomorphized animals.

While playing Animal Jam game, I was very excited to see various animals like pandas, monkeys, koalas, wolves, tigers and many others. The games I played were very exciting, and the merchandise I had to buy to dress up the un-animal-like dens was very interesting to me as well. I was given an option to choose my animal character and ways in which I wanted to customize them and what I liked most is the naming of my animal character. I found that it would have been easy to identify my character in due course if I had given a funny and adorably intoxicating name to it.

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What I liked most about the Animal Jam is the educational contents available throughout the game. I had to be on the lookout for the little icons, generally a paw, which was scattered all throughout the gaming zone. When I clicked on each, I came to know wonderful facts about animals, plants and even history of human adaptations to the natural environment. What excited me most is that I could also choose videos according to my liking in the movie theater. Topics are varied from frogs to snails, zombies to lightning, If you have animal jam codes, then you can access all parts of this game. I also came across a library of National Geographic magazines from which I could enlighten me as well.

As the Animal Jam is created by National Geographic, all the material was truly informative and related to animals and nature maintaining all the quality and polish as I expected from any National Geographic content. All these information and wonderful facts created an excellent image in my mind which I remembered long after I left the game. Though these facts and information had no effect on my score, I found these to be very intriguing. So, it is the innovative way of imparting knowledge which attracted me the most and I would, therefore, recommend all kids must play this game to be enlightened.

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